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The Cartridge Connection Inc.
142 18th Ave N
Monroe, WI 53566

608-325-6088 Local
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Printer Repair and Maintenance Services
  • Fast Response Times
  • Competitive  Rates
  • Free Technical Support  
  • HP Authorized Technicians 
  • Flexible Contract Options 

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The Cartridge Connection, Inc. is an Authorized Hewlett-Packard Warranty and Service Center. Our service technicians are the best in the business. They have both the training and the experience to fix your printers quickly and correctly, whether you're using a time-tested workhorse or the latest network marvel. We offer fast response time, competitive rates and toll free technical support. On-site printer service is available within a 60-mile radius of Monroe Wisconsin. A mail in service is also available.

In addition to repair of a specific problem we recommend annual professional maintenance for all laser printers. That's why we designed Prevent-13, the 13-step service regimen that ensures optimum print quality, extended printer life and a substantial reduction in the incidence of printer malfunctions.

Choose from three affordable programs. Our basic Prevent-13 service involves a thorough cleaning, removing the dust and toner particles that frequently cause image defects and printer malfunctions. Our technicians also tighten or replace screws that have worked loose over time. As part of our service, they inspect your printer for worn or damaged parts that can be replaced (at your direction) before they cause problems. We'll also replace the ozone filter and input and exit rollers for no additional charge.

A second option is Prevent-13 Plus. This contract provides all the features of the basic program, plus a one-year warranty, where you pay only the next $100 of any and all printer repairs during the next 12 months of the contract. Beyond $100 your printer is fully insured for any problems, including all parts and labor.

Even greater protection is available through Prevent-13 Elite. This contract provides all the features of the basic program, plus a one-year printer warranty that covers all parts and labor. If anything goes wrong with your printer, we'll fix the problem free of charge. 

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