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Frequently asked Questions about Epic Toner Cartridges.

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Q: I have used recharged cartridges in the past and had problems...are yours any better? 
A: Yes. The advancements in technology can now support this industry with high quality replacement parts necessary to build a cartridge as good as new. Just because you had trouble in the past is no reason to believe that you will again.

Q: How does using a remanufactured cartridge really save me money in the long run over using new ones? 
A: It really depends or your usage: For example, if you use only 2 cartridges per month that cost 20% less, your saving would be $300 to $500 per year.

Q: How can remanufactured cartridges cost less if they are equal or better then the OEM brands? 
A: Remanufactured cartridges utilize the OEM cartridge shell over again. Therefore, remanufacturers do not need to recover the research, development and the molding costs in their retail price.

Q: Will a remanufactured cartridge void my printer warranty?
A: No, there are both the Sherman and Clayton antitrust acts that make it illegal for any manufacturer to require you to use their supplies exclusively.

Q: Will a remanufactured cartridge damage my printer?
A: No, this is because remanufacturers use the OEM shell, which comes in contact with your printer. Any cartridge whether new or recycled may in a rare case leak. If this occurs, a qualified technician will clean the residue without damage to the printer. We will cover any expense should one of our cartridges leak.

Q: Will a remanufactured cartridge last just as long as the original OEM brand?
A: Usually the remanufactured cartridge will last longer. This is because most remanufacturers refill the hopper with more toner and use a long life drum that produces a higher yield then the OEM brands. We use the standardized test method ASTM F-1856 to compare our cartridges to OEM's or any other cartridges.

Q: Will a remanufactured cartridge produce the same quality as a new OEM?
A: Yes. Those parts that control the quality are replaced at proper intervals to insure a superb image equal or better then an OEM brands. 

Q: How do we return empty cartridges to you?
A: We include a return shipping label with each order. Simply put the label on the cartridge and give it to your UPS driver or take it to any UPS shipping location. The shipping is charged to us.

Q: Who uses remanufactured cartridges? 
A: Currently about 30% of all cartridges sold are now remanufactured. The Federal Government requires their use, as well as any sector of private industry interested in protecting the environment and saving money. (Hallmark, Union Carbide, Ford Motor Company, just to mention a few.)

Q: Can using a remanufactured cartridge be hard on my older HP II or III laser printers?
A: No. If this were, so would a new one, as only the shell comes in contact with the printer. This is why we include your printer in our warranty.

Q: What if the person who services my printer says to use only OEM cartridges? 
A: You have the right to save money and protect the environment. Why let a technician tell you what you can or can't do with your equipment. The manufacturers have told them that this is your best choice. However, the one benefiting the most is the one selling the new OEM cartridges. Besides most remanufacturers service laser printers, and they would let you save money by using remanufactured cartridges.

Q: Do the manufacturers of new cartridges, use recycled parts in their new OEM cartridges?
A: Yes. They have been saving the cartridges that you send back for years for this very purpose. You can verify this by looking on the manufacturer's box describing how cartridges are made.

Q: Are new cartridges made here in the USA?
A: Unfortunately no, most cartridges are produced in foreign countries so that the manufacturers can make larger profits.

Q: Are remanufactured cartridges made in the USA?
A: Yes. They are and so are most of the replacement parts. This has created a new industry with thousands jobs in the United States.

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